Hemingway’s Fiesta


If you want to watch the running of the bulls then the only real option is to watch from a balcony. The barriers are always packed with people hours before the bullrun and by 6 am there are no spaces left. Even then it is the second barrier back from the street with the gap filled with police and medics. We have a nuber of balcony spaces both for the bullrun and for the opening ceremony just drop us an email for more details. The spaces for the first couple of mornings and the weekend mornings are more expensive and sell out very quickly. And remember to get a good view up and down the course you need a bit of height so it is best to book on the 3rd,4th and 5th floors. However all our balconies have a great view of the course. We limit the number of people on each balcony to ensure everybody has a great view.

To make a booking or just find out more details send an email to


Balcony spaces to watch the bullrun

Accommodation in Pamplona for the fiesta

What ever your preference is for accommodation at the fiesta we can fix it up for you. We have campsite options which are at the cheaper end of the market. We have hotel reservations which need to be booked fast as they go very quickly and we have local contact for rooms and apartments. We can cater for solo travellers in dorm rooms and we can cater for groups of people. Just drop us an email with your numbers and your preferred dates and we can give you a quote. Do not make the mistake f booking your flights first and then looking for accommodation. The more flexible on dates the better the choice you have with weekend nights (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays being the most expensive options. Just drop us an email and we will get back in touch with what we have available.


Going to the bullfights with Hemingway

We are organising a few small events hosted by John Hemingway (Ernest’s granson) These events are only open to a small group of people. We have pre-corrida drinks with Hemingway and then we all go into the sun section for the bullfights. We only have certain dates available, so if you are interested in an experience of a lifetime, then drop us an email.


We have some great last minute deals available in June, just drop us an email and we can send you out the latest information on availability

It is very difficult to book bullfight tickets in Pamplona as 90% are season tickets and the remaining 10% are sold the night before a fight and the queues go on for hours with most of the tickets bought up by the ticket mafia. We are in the fortunate position of having a number of season tickets ourselves plus we have local contacts to source other tickets. Basically we have tickets in the sun section which is the party section with all the pena bands and it is great fun with the bullfights being a wild extravaganza with some of the beste action being in the spectators section rather than the bullring. Plus we have a small number of shade seats, these are more expensive and come in pairs. Thus we suggest if there are more than two of you in a group you go for tickets in the sun section where you can all sit together. Also unlike Madrid the bullring in Pamplona generally has a more temperate climate as Pamplona itself is quite high up. We have tickets for all dates, starting with the up and coming bullfighters on the 5th July, the bullfighting on horseback on the 6th July and all the other bullfights up until the final night on the 14th July. Please email us with your numbers and preferred dates and we can give you a quote. Our  availability runs out quite quickly so it is best to get in touch asap.


Bullfight tickets In the sun and in the shade

If you are thinking of running or a friend is thinking of running then it is highly recommended that you book a space on our walking tours of the bullrun course with a veteran runner. The tour takes aboutan hour and gives essential advice about the 10 different places you can run with the bulls and the specific dangers of each part of the course. It also give you vital information about the strange rules and regulations that are in force and if through ignorance you breal these rules the you risk being arrested and fined over 600 euros. The police watch the runs on TV afterwards to make more arrests. The bullrun is not just something you turn up to and have a go. It is dangerous and more importantly if you do not know what do do in certain situations you will not only be a danger to yourselves biut also to other runners.

We do the tour in the quiet of the afternoon and ensure that everybody recieves the important advice about the history, the danger and the excitement of the bull run. Places on the walking tour are limited so make sure you book up asap. For more information drop us an email.


Walking tour of the bullrun course with a veteran runner